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  • The reason of voltage transformer in products and Solutions

    作者:网站管理员来源:本站原创日期:2014-10-30 16:10:39点击:1357

    Over-voltage, mainly has the following several reasons:

    Surge voltage transformer 1, when the input;

    Surge voltage, transformer tap switch 2 produced;

    Surge voltage, lightning invasion of 3;

    Surge voltage generation 4, DC circuit is opened the.

    In the circuit, joining the surge absorber can absorb electromagnetic transformer primary systemtransfer invasive surge voltage, converter also produced in the absorption energy of the globe.In order to avoid the lightning incoming surge voltage semiconductor arrester can be used.

    The elimination of circulation is the key problem of the regulator, in order to solve this problem,we adopt the following technical measures:

    One, to ensure reliable thyristor trigger signal. Using the software filter program to output triggercontrol signals of each set of only one effective, secondly, using anti circulation logic circuit PAL16V8 74LS273 and development, to ensure that even in the chip out of the case does not appear false triggering. In addition, the trigger signal wire using shield and other measures toprevent interference.

    Two, to ensure reliable in conversion. In normal operation, the compensation voltage to adjustthe size of the change, the combination of the thyristor conduction, such as: do changes in S2S1 to conduct, it must be in shutdown S1 for S2 and trigger control signals, thyristor conversion.If the conversion or the timing of inappropriate combination will form the circulation, damage thethyristor. The design of zero switching technology, i.e., at current zero let S1 natural turn off, at the same time it triggered the S2 conduction. Therefore, the key in the course of transformationis accurate detection of current zero crossing signal. The merge and interlocking hardwaretechnology, ensure accurate zero signal.

    The practical operation shows that the above technology to successfully solve the circulation problem. The inductive load, because of the existence of the influence of inductive load should consider increasing the trigger pulse width, otherwise the thyristor to latching current on the anode current before the trigger signal attenuated, may cause the thyristor cannot normal conduction. When closed, will lead to some problems of the thyristor tube inductive load.

    In the actual system, the use of high level triggered thyristor is turned on, to ensure the reliability of. In order to ensure the thyristor conversion process does not produce off phenomenon, the use of interlocking technology and reliable, to ensure that the thyristor is not damaged.

    Zero switching technology

    In the adjustment process, through to control the thyristor gate trigger signal zero crossing detection technology, ensure the zero, because to avoid pollution of the power regulatorthyristor switch in the process.